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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What's the character of the teacher to the students?

I want to answer to Hope and Bonsai's questions today. At first, I answer to the Hope's question. She asked me that what is the influence of the teacher' character. Yes, I think it's very important for students whether the teacher is suited for them or not. Actually, my friends come to like English when teaher change and the way of teaching had also changed. So, I think I should focuse on it and I made the question on my qutestionaire about it. Then I want to know how's teacher or the way of teaching get students to like or dislike English. Especially, I want to know yhe way of teaching of the teacher. Now, I think the attractive way of English uses lot of tools in their class. For example, it use pictures, CDs, or videos and so on. When I went to teaher trainig I used some tools in my class. Then students told that they can enjoy English. So, I think it is very important to use then when we want to let the students enjoy English.
Next, I want to answer to Bonsai's question. She wants to know my definition of the time of setback. She wants to know when students come to dislike English. I think there are two types when students dislike English. One is that students don't have any interests to English when they strats to study English. The other is that they lose interests om the road of learning English. But, now I can't get actual information of it. So, I want to know it on my questionaire. I made the question that touch the core. So, I am going to analyze it after I can get questionaire.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The detai of my questionnaire

Today I will write about the detail of my questionnaire. I made some questions on my questionnaire and it can classify some kinds. First, I want to ask about the present condition of the student` will of the English. So, I made some questions that ask about how do students think about English. For example, "Do you like English?" and so on. Next, I want to ask about the past form of English class that they experienced in junior high school and high school. The reason why I want to ask this, I want to analyze the reason that students hate English from the past form of English class. If there were something bad contents in the form of the class, students can't help hating English. So, I made that field. Lastly, I want to know about the consciousness of the students. So, I made some open ended questions. This kind of question ask students' opinion about English class, English teacer, and so on. So, I want to know their real opinion about English education.
Anyway, I want to discover the the reason why students dislike English. I guess that there are two types of the patern. One is that a student didn't have interests when they began to study English, the other is that a student lost interest in their student's life. I also discover about this.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Why students lose interest in English? (My idea)

Why so many students lose interest in English? I think "motivation" is important for this problem. I could know that there are two motivations that are intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation from some books. Then I think there are some conections between losing interests and motivations. I think if there is no motivation, a student lose interests in English. So, I think there are some cases when students lose motivation in English class. When junior high school students( first grade) start learning English in junior high school, many students would have some freshness in English class. This phenomenon is related to instric motivation. But, as the days and months pass, some students might lose their freshness in English. I think this is a first case when student lose interests in English.
Another factor of students having no interest in English also happens in early junior high school. It would be happen in a first time when students meet English. In short, I think some students would not have any stimulus in English when they meet English. If there are no stimula in English, the student would not have any interests in English. This is second cases that I think. So, I think it's also important for teacher how to introduce new English to the students. I think if teacher can introduce well, student will be given a lot of stimulus and motivations for English. I also think the way of teaching English is also important. I think monotonous class or the class that ignor the level of students would lose students' interest. Actually, when I went to teaching practice in junior high school, a monotonous class that only focused on textbook was not good for students. Anyway, teacher also should devise the way of teachinig English class for students.
Lastly, I think it's also important the continuance that stimulate the intellectual curiosity for students. It's important for students to get something discovery or surprise.

Friday, October 07, 2005

About my graduates paper

I am writing a graduates paper about a problem of English class. My theme is "Why students fail in English and how to help them." There is an opportunity when I went to teaching practice. When I taught english to juniour high school students, some guys told that they don't like English. Then I simply that why they don't like English and I want to know the elements. Now I think some elements about this problem. I think some of these are on the teacher sides. So, I am going to ask some students about this in a questionaire. So, now I am making some questionaire but it's so difficult to make questionaire that get to the heart of a matter. It's hard for me to write my graduate paper but I want to write good paper. Thank you.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

my introduction

I'm Yu Sato.
I'm from Mizusawa.

my introduction

I'm Yu Sato.
I'm from Mizusawa.
I like soccer.